Startup Societies 

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Startup Societies 

A foundation which studies and connects the industry of small experimental governments, or startup societies. 

Decentralized governance reacts to overcentralization in much the same way an immune system reacts to a viral infection. Throughout history, history has been replete with the rise and inevitable fall of massive empires, each of which fall victim to complacency and corruption. The result often comes with increased war, poverty, corruption, and instability. Historically, decentralized governance has been an antidote that can repair and create new societal institutions dedicated to rule of law, financial freedom, and flourishing human creativity.

The world reached “peak” centralization with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent emergence of the United States as a so-called “hyperpower.” It seemed as though we had reached the end of history — and we couldn’t have been more wrong. New trends, such as blockchain technology, Special Economic Zones, and private cities have moved towards decentralization without the historically traditional component of societal instability and collapse. 

Global momentum is on the side of decentralized governance. At the Startup Societies Network, our goal is to promote the growth of responsible decentralization — and to that end, to foster the spread of “Startup Societies.”

The manifesto: Founding Startup Societies

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