• Existential Hope

  • Mission

    Many projects are dedicated to identifying the threats to human existence but very few offer guidance on what to aim for instead. The goal of this one is to map the space of both peril and promise which lie before us with the hope that such knowledge empowers each of us to navigate towards grand futures.


    This project is in its infancy, but we have big plans:


    Orienting ourselves by collecting useful models, relevant broadcasts and organizations generating new insights.
    Synthesizing a map of where we came from, where we might go, and which lenses of science, technology and culture are crucial to consider along the way.
    Publishing a living document which summarizes models published elsewhere in order to outline possible futures while detailing the aspects of our nature, culture and society which must be improved if we hope to reach them.


    In other words, our mission is to generate the common knowledge to catalyze directed coordination towards beautiful futures.

    We are glad to have you here. As a first glimpse please see a ten-minute video outlining why we should opt in for positive futures, a five-minute video of XHope endorsements, or one-minute clips by domain experts.