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Existential Hope is a way of looking at the future with a lens that acknowledges the potential for positive change in the world.

By focusing on what is actually possible, we can start to map out the main developments and challenges that need to be navigated to reach our desired outcome.

On this platform you can explore ideas, technologies, and projects that makes you feel hopeful and ready to take action for the long-term flourishing of life.


We ask experts in various fields to describe what a positive future looks like to them, and how they believe their work can help humanity reach their vision. ย 

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Discover how the future can flourish and which tools help you make progress.


Discover which technologies can make a difference, and how you can leverage them for good.


Explore news from the world of science, technology and existential hope.

BBC Future on Existential Hope

October 24, 2022

JRR Tolkien coined the word โ€“ "eucatastrophe". What did he mean, and why could it relate to the very real story of humanity?

These 8 People May Have Saved Your Life

July 28, 2022

This is the story of 8 real-life heroes, who found themselves in extraordinary situations, with significance beyond themselves. In the face of resistance & personal risk, they decided to act for the good of all life on Earth. August 6, FLI announces this year's winners of the FLI award.


Metaculus is launching Forecasting Our World In Data, a tournament that will deliver predictions on technological advancement, global development, and social progress. Join the tournament now!

Longtermism & Existential Hope

Why does having hope for the longterm future matter? We live at the beginning of history, and the future ahead of us is really, really big. That is, if we can get there.

Exit the Void: A Movement for Meaning

Exit the Void presents a new future vision where hope isn't achieved merely through technological advancement, but by putting humanity first. It presents a future where meaning, beauty and vitality flourish.

Learn about AGI safety & biosecurity

BlueDot Impact run cohort-based courses that support you to develop the knowledge, community and network needed to pursue a high-impact career in: AGI Safety Fundamentals (Mitigating potential risks from transformative artificial intelligence), Alternative Protein (Ending factory farming through adv

Latest Videos

Mark Miller on Existential hope
Mark Miller (Agoric, Foresight Institute) interviewed on Existential Hope and Foresight Institute, during Vision Weekend 2018.
Anders Sandberg on Existential Hope
Anders Sandberg (Future of Humanity Institute) interviewed on Existential Hope and Foresight Institute, during Vision Weekend 2018.
Existential Risk and Existential Hope | Toby Ord
Toby Ord, Future of Humanity Institute Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute


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