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We have noted that many organizations and their research are focused on the threats, risks, and the generally bad outcomes to humanity. Little appears to be focused on what a positive future could look like, growing those ideas, and considering how we can make those futures more likely to become real. 

Existential Hope was created to collect positive and possible scenarios for the future, so that we can have more people commit to the creation of a brighter future, and to start mapping out the main developments and challenges that need to be navigated to reach it.

Our aim is to empower coordination towards flourishing futures, and we created this platform to invite you to join us in exploring positive futures, exchanging ideas, and joining a global community of future-positive organizations and projects.


Please consider contributing your own work, or work that has inspired you, so that we may learn, and share with our community. 

We also encourage you to sign up to our monthly newsletter known as the Hope Drop.

Existential Hope is part of Foresight Institute, a 501c3 non-profit. If you’d like to support this work, we gratefully receive donations. 


Existential Hope is a Foresight Institute project. 

Foresight Institute is a non-profit working to advance the beneficial development of high-impact technology and science to make great futures more likely. 

We consider the Existential Hope project to be the contextualizer of all our work. As we work to advance technology and science, we also want to ensure that we are progressing positive futures, and decreasing existential risks.


Our team

Allison Duettmann

In her everyday job, Allison Duettmann is the President and CEO of Foresight Institute. She directs the Intelligent Cooperation, Molecular Machines, Biotech & Health Extension, Neurotech, and Space Programs, Fellowships, Prizes, and Tech Trees, and shares this work with the public. She founded Existentialhope.com, co-edited Superintelligence: Coordination & Strategy, co-authored Gaming the Future, and co-initiated The Longevity Prize. She advises companies and organizations, such as the Consortium for Space Health, and is on the Executive Committee of the Biomarker Consortium. She holds an MS in Philosophy & Public Policy from the London School of Economics, focusing on AI Safety.

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Beatrice Erkers

Beatrice splits her time between being the Chief of Operations at Foresight Institute, and Director of Existential Hope. Prior to this, she worked extensively in publishing. She is especially interested in how future technologies can be integrated successfully with society. Beatrice holds a BA in Comparative Literature and a MS in History of Science and Ideas from Uppsala university.

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Aleksandra Smilek

From concept to realization, Aleksandra gained her experience working on numerous brand and cultural projects since 2016. She was the artistic director of the EP7 monumental LEDS facade working to leverage the upcoming digital art scene before the NFT hype. In 2020 she cre…

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Videos on Existential Hope

Mark Miller on Existential hope
Mark Miller (Agoric, Foresight Institute) interviewed on Existential Hope and Foresight Institute, during Vision Weekend 2018.
Anders Sandberg on Existential Hope
Anders Sandberg (Future of Humanity Institute) interviewed on Existential Hope and Foresight Institute, during Vision Weekend 2018.
Existential Risk and Existential Hope | Toby Ord
Toby Ord, Future of Humanity Institute Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute