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Storms of my Grandchildren - James Hansen. Starts with current events and paints a near to long-term picture of the potentially catastrophic implications of climate change. 

Dark Ecology - Timothy Morton. A history account and philosophical analysis of the human position in the biosphere.

Climate Change (Extreme Risks) - Roman Duda, Arden Koehler. On potentially extreme risks associated with climate change.

Feeding Everyone: Solving the Food Crisis in Event of Global Catastrophes that Kill Crops or Obscure the Sun - David Denkenberger, Joshua Pearce. On solutions to global catastrophes obscuring the sun, such as volcanic eruption, nuclear winter, or abrupt climate change.

Double Catastrophe: Intermittent Stratospheric Geoengineering Induced by Societal Collapse - Seth Baum. On geoengineering as a solution and as a risk to societal collapse.

The Revenge of Gaia - James Lovelock. Positions humanity and human-induced climate change within the broader context of large-scale planetary changes.

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