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Co2 Removal, Other Interventions - Adam Marblestone. Introduces various rather radical interventions to climate change, from aerosols to space mirrors.

Geoengineering: A Horrible Idea We Might Have to Do - Kurzgesagt. Explainer video on the dangers of geoengineering and potential reasons for considering it.

Kelly Wanser on Whether to Deliberately Intervene in the Climate - 80000 Podcast. Podcast and transcript with link list on geoengineering.

Creon’s Recommended List on Renewable Agriculture - Creon Levit. Link list on renewable agriculture.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth - Buckminster Fuller. On realizing humanity’s long-term potential with a focus on resource utilization and sustainability.

Nanotechnology And The Resource Fallacy - Stephen Gillet. On how advanced nanotechnology may fundamentally help reframe our resource constraints.

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