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Reading Guide for the Global Politics of Artificial Intelligence - Allan Dafoe. A drop box link to a reading list about the geopolitical implications of advanced artificial intelligence.

Smart Policies for Artificial Intelligence - Miles Brundage, Joanna Bryson. Argues that it is not too early for policy considerations around increasingly advanced AIs and what we can learn from previous policy failures.

A Survey of Artificial General Intelligence Projects for Ethics, Risk, and Policy, Seth Baum. A now slightly dated map of AI and AI risk projects.

Public Policy Desiderata in the Development of Machine Superintelligence - Nick Bostrom, Allan Dafoe, Carrick Flynn. An extensive introduction to how advanced AI affects various policy domains.

Deciphering China’s AI Dream - Jeffrey Ding. Analysis of China’s mission to lead the world in AI, including implications for international cooperation.

Racing to the Precipice: A model of Artificial Intelligence Development - Stuart Armstrong, Nick Bostrom, Carl Schulman. Game-theoretic analysis of factors influencing race dynamics in AI, such as information or number of players.

AI And The Future of Defense - Stephan De Spiegeleire, Matthijs Maas, Tim Sweijs. Summarizes AI history and approaches, and defense history and approaches, before combining both topics to point out novel concerns.

Unilateralist’s Curse: The Case for a Principle of Conformity - Anders Sandberg, Nick Bostrom, Tom Douglas. On the dangers of individual actors racing ahead in AGI development.

Superintelligence: Coordination & Strategy - Roman Yampolskiy, Allison Duettmann. Collection of papers on challenges and strategies for ensuring a cooperative development of advanced AI.

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