Coordination Failures: Dreadful Dynamics

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Inadequate Equilibria - Eliezer Yudkowsky. On how society gets stuck via incentive misalignment for decision-makers, asymmetric information, and suboptimal Nash Equilibria. Moloch’s Toolbox - excerpt introducing the main mechanisms.

The Future of Human Evolution - Nick Bostrom. On possible negative long-term trajectories for a civilization driven by evolution and competition.

Coordination Problems in Evolution - Martin Sustrik. A deepdive into the dynamics of the evolution Bostrom discusses.

Meditations on Moloch, Growing Children for Bostrom’s Disneyland - Scott Alexander. A classic on coordination problems, including lots of examples, and a future extrapolation of the underlying game theoretic dynamics. “Maybe they would sit back and enjoy their victory, sitting at the top of a pyramid of unknown dozens or hundreds of levels of reality.”

Slaying Alexander’s Moloch - Jose Luis Ricon. Explores meta tools to solve some of the coordination problems in Meditations on Moloch.

Capturing Gnon And Naive Rationalism - Hurlock Shoalmes. A critical reply to coordination problems and solutions discussed in Meditations on Moloch.

Part 1: Ethics, Now and Tomorrow & Part 2: Racing Where? - Foresight Institute. Debate with Robin Hanson, Paul Christiano, Peter Eckersley, Allison Duettmann, Christine Peterson, Alyssa Vance, and Mark Miller on the trajectory of civilization.

This is the Dreamtime, Civilization vs. Human Desire, On Value Drift, Age of Em - Robin Hanson. On competitive long-term dynamics shaping our future and our values, focusing on a future of emulated human minds living at subsistence.

Poor Folks Do Smile - Scott Alexander, Robin Hanson. A written debate on whether futures with minds living at subsistence levels contain suffering or not.

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