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Why Cryonics Makes Sense - Tim Urban. A primer on why it makes sense to sign up to cryonics.

Cryonics - Reason. A brief explainer on the main concepts and controversies in cryonics.

Cryostasis Revival - Robert Freitas. Book about nanomedicine for revival.

Cryonics: Alcor FAQ - Alcor. An FAQ about cryonics, and about the practices of the provider Alcor.

Alcor vs. Cryonics Institute - Lesswrong. A comparison of Alcor versus the Cryonics Institute as providers for cryonics services. Now there is also TomorrowBiostasis, a European Cryonics Company.

Cryonics Q&A & Sign-up - Foresight Institute. A sign-up tutorial with Alcor and TomorrowBiostasis.

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