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A Tour of Recent Cryptographic Technologies - Ben Garfinkel. Introduction to major cryptographic techniques, their history, and potential long-term future applications.

Intelligent Cooperation Group - Foresight Institute. Recordings of an application-based seminar group on long-term progress in cryptocommerce, security, and AI.

Agoric Open System Papers - Eric Drexler, Mark S. Miller. Classic papers on software agents participating in computational markets for digital assets and resources.

Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System - Satoshi Nakamoto. Classic paper that introduced bitcoin. 

Smart Contracts - Nick Szabo. Classic paper that introduced the concept of smart contracts.

Crypto: An Oral Essay - A16z Podcast. Introductory essay on crypto basics.

What is a Blockchain? - MIT. Explainer on history, mechanisms, and applications of blockchains.

The Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous. On the rise of Bitcoin, focusing on the economic properties that have allowed it to grow, and its economic, political, and social implications.

Check Your Financial Privilege - Alex Gladstein. On how Bitcoin helps support human rights, and fight financial repression inside authoritarian regimes around the world. Website. Vitalik Buterin’s personal website with regular posts on crytpoeconomics.

FredEhrsam - Website. Fred Ehrsam’s personal website on how crypto will create new money, institutions, and the internet.

Cypherpunks, The Cypherpunk Mailing List - Archive. FAQ and mailing list from the cypherpunk community that was instrumental in building much of the cryptocommerce of today.

Bitcoin and the End of History - Reason. Documentary about a few cypherpunks and their contributions to building today’s cryptographic infrastructure.

If I Hardforked: A Doxxing of Satoshi Nakamoto - Andrew Miller. Poem about forking.

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