Decentralized AI

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Reframing Superintelligence, Intelligence Distillation, QNRS: Toward Language Models for Machines - Eric Drexler. Provides an alternative approach to AGI in which agents are a class of service-providing products, rather than a singleton-like engine of progress in themselves.

Building Safe AI - Andrew Trask. Describes how federated learning could be leveraged to build an AI system that can produce insights based on the encrypted data of two mutually suspicious parties without itself gaining access to the data or leaking any information about its own algorithms.

The Long-Tail Problem in AI and How Autonomous Markets Can Solve Them - Ali Yahya. On how decentralized autonomous hiveminds can incentivize local knowledge for problem-solving in a superior way to top down singleton-like systems, potentially creating a viable alternative.

Safe AGI via DLT - Kristen Carlson. On how distributed ledger technologies and related innovations may help create a safe ecosystem for the development of AGI.

Pluralism Through Personalized AIs - Steve Omohundro. On how personal AI assistants can support human goals and cooperation across them.

Open Source Game Theory is Weird - Andrew Critch. Introduces open source game theory.

Gaming the Future - Allison Duettmann, Mark S. Miller, Christine Peterson. Introduces a decentralized approach to advanced AI that focuses on improved problem-solving arising from the cooperation of individual agents. Also: Civilization as Relevant Superintelligence, or Welcome New Players: AIs | Steve Omohundro & Trent McConaghy - Foresight Institute. 

Decentralized Approaches to AI  Presentations | Robin Hanson, Eric Drexler, Mark S. Miller 1, Decentralized Approaches to AI Discussion | Robin Hanson, Eric Drexler, Mark S Miller 2 - Foresight Institute. Panel discussion amongst the three major proponents of a decentralized approach to AI.

Debate - Geoffrey Irving. Proposes an AI safety technique that relies on various agents debating each other, judged by a human.

Using GPT-Eliezer against ChatGPT Jailbreaking - Stuart Armstrong, Rebecca Gorman. On using ChatGPT to detect prompts that are dangerous to feed into other AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT.

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