Diving into Futurisms: Transhumanism, Cosmism & Co

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Transhumanist Values - Nick Bostrom. On global security, technological progress, wide access and derivative values required to explore the posthuman realm.

Transhumanist Manifesto - Natasha Vita-More. On life extension, and other transhumanist aspirations and rights.

Transhumanist Resources - Anders Sandberg. Introducing transhumanism through the individual, global, cultural, technological, and organizational spheres.

An Anarchist-Transhumanist Declaration - Kris Notaro. Google doc that combines the principles of anarchism with the principles of transhumanism.

The Extropian Principles - Max More. On boundless expansion, self-transformation, dynamic optimism, intelligent technology, and spontaneous order as defining pillars of the extropian mission.

Extropy Magazine - Archive containing digital versions of all extropian magazine editions.

How the Extropian Quest for Digital Cash Secured Our Tips to the Stars - Aaron van Wirdum. Revisits the role of the extropian community in building the cryptocommerce of today.

The Russian Cosmists - George Young. History of ideas and key thinkers in cosmism.

A Cosmist Manifesto - Ben Goertzel. Inspired by the Russian cosmists, this manifesto covers exotic futures defined by AI, nanotechnology, uploading, immortality, and other developments.

The Terrapunk Manifesto - Nasjaq. From steampunk to cyberpunk to solarpunk to terrapunk. 

Cosmism Foundation - Cosmism Foundation Youtube channel. Recordings of talks from the cosmism conference.

Panel with Peter Thiel, Aubrey De Grey, Eliezer Yudkowsky - Singularity Summit Youtube channel. Conference recording focused on the role of individual proactivity in shaping the singularity.

The Singularity is Near, Singularity Q&A - Ray Kurzweil. Early classic on an AI-fueled singularity, and a shorter Q&A on main themes in the book.

Hopepunk and Solarpunk - Alyssa Hull. An intro to hopepunk and solarpunk.

Nine Subgenres to Help You Understand the Future - Jay Owens. Reviews alternative futurisms, including Chinese Sci-Fi, Afrofuturism, Gulf Futurism, Climate Fiction, Solarpunk, Water Crisis Thrillers, Kitchen Sink Dystopia, Woke Space Opera, The New Weird.

Flame Wars - Mark Dery. A historical account of cyberpunk futures.

WorldAnvil - Website. A world-building tool with transhumanist, solarpunk, and cypherpunk options.

Effective Accelerationism - BasedBeffJezos. On technology accelerationism.

The World’s Fair Gallery - Art riffing off previous world fairs to create world fair posters about the future. 

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