Existential Risks: Facing an Uncomfortable Truth

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Existential Risk: An Introduction - Andrew Critch. Short explainer video. - Website. Introductory posts and link list on existential risks. - Website. Roadmaps on various existential risks.

The Case for Reducing Extinction Risk - Benjamin Todd. Easy-to-grasp argumentation for caring about X-risks by one of the main thinkers in the space.

The Expected Value of Extinction Risk Reduction is Positive - Jan Brauner, Friederike Grosse-Holz. A rigorous philosophical case for reducing X-risks.

Resources on Existential Risk - Bruce Schneider. Comprehensive primer on the concepts of existential risks, including introductions to main risks.

Existential Risk: Diplomacy & Governance - Sebastian Farquhar, John Halstead, Owen Cotton-Barratt, Stefan Schubert, Haydn Belfield, Andrew Snyder-Beattie. An intro to political and strategic questions regarding X-risks.

The Existential Risk of Math Errors - Gwern. Mathematical mistakes/​error-rates limit our understanding of X-risks and ability to defend against them.

Unknown Existential Risks - EA Forum. On existential risks that have not yet been identified.

S-Risks: Why They Are The Worst X-Risks and How to Prevent Them - Max Daniel. Introduces “Suffering Risks” that are potentially worse than extinction. - Website. Introductory posts and further resources on S-Risks.

Longevity, Existential Risk & AI | Jaan Tallinn - Foresight Institute. Interview with CSER and FLI founder Jaan Tallinn on various X-risk topics.

Defense in Depth Against Human Extinction: Prevention, Response, Resilience, and Why They All Matter - Max Daniel, Anders Sandberg, Owen Cotton-Barratt. Classifies risks into different categories to determine strategic responses.

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