Exploring A Long Road Ahead: Long-termism

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The Last Human, The Final Border - Kurzgesagt. Explainer videos on the long-term future. 

Long-term Trajectories of Human Civilization - Seth Baum. Explores various scenarios of human evolution shaped by technological progress.

Astronomical Waste - Nick Bostrom. On what we give up with each minute we delay exploring the universe.

What is At Stake - Robin Hanson. On how much of the future universe humans can influence.

Why The Long-run Future Matters More Than Anything Else - Robert Wiblin. An easy-to-grasp case for caring about the long-term future of humanity.

The Case for Long-termism - Hilary Greaves, William MacAskill. A longer philosophical case for long-termism. 

How to Help People Millions of Years From Now - Dylan Matthews. On what we can possibly do now that may have positive impact on the distant future.

Taking the Long View - Stuart Brand. Essay on the advantages of the long-term view. LongNow seminars - Long-termist podcast with seminars curated by Stuart Brand.

Long-termism: Potential Research Priorities - Forethought Foundation. Overview of long-termist research priorities.

Roadmap for the Most Important Century - Holden Karnofksy. On why this century is exceptionally important for the long-term future and how to navigate this crucial time.

Starships and Tokens: The Map - Trent McConaghy. Blog post on building a tokenizable roadmap to drive long-term technological progress.

Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur. Youtube channel. Especially the playlists "Becoming an Interplanetary Species", "Generation Ships & Interstellar Colonization", "Post Scarcity Civilizations" and "Civilizations at the End of Time".

Technology Trees - Foresight Institute. Maps technological capabilities and challenges for beneficial long-term futures in biotechnology, nanotechnology, neurotechnology, computer science, and space.

Cosmological Koans - Anthony Aguirre. Zen-style vignettes about the cosmos and our life within it. 

The Index - Google doc. Indexes long-termist science-heavy ideas and resources.

The Valmy - Podcast. Collects top episodes from other futurist podcasts. 

The Lunar Society - Dwarkhesh Patel Podcast. Interviews scientists, historians, economists and founders on long-termist ideas.

Beautiful News - Website. News website focused on civilizational progress. 

WIP - Website. Stripe Press blog with guests posts on progress-oriented authors.

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