Getting Unstuck: Advancing Progress

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Radical Markets  Eric Posner, Glen Weyl. Explore strategies for rethinking the underlying dynamics of markets and tools for redesigning them.

Futarchy - Robin Hanson. A manifesto for a system in which representatives define and manage a measurement of national welfare, while market speculators would say which policies they expect to raise national welfare.

Power Tools for Progress - Thomas Kalil. Identifies meta tools for progress with multiplier effects. Related, Kalil’s What ifs are ambitious but achievable goals for the US, and the Innovation Toolkit by The Obama Administration identified a number of different innovation approaches.

Differential Technology Development - Jack. On slowing down technologies that increase existential risk, while advancing those that reduce it.

Marginal Revolution - Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok. Blog on economics, progress, and future-relevant macro trends.

Conversations with Tyler - Podcast. Conversations include Audrey Tang on Democracy as Technology, Jason Furman on Productivity, Competition, and Growth, Paul Romer on a Culture of Science and Working Hard, Philip Tetlock on Forecasting, Mark Zuckerberg, Patrick Collison and Tyler Cowen on the Nature of Progress, Neal Stephensons on Depictions of Reality.

EconTalk - Podcast. Conversations include Rob Wiblin and Russ Roberts discuss Charity, Science and Utilitarianism, Steven Levitt on Freakonomics, Nassim Taleb on Rationality, Risk, and Skin in the Game, Gillian Hadfield on Law and the Rules for a Flat World, Marc Andreessen on Software, Immortality and Bitcoin.

Translation Podcast - 50 Years podcast on translation science.

HackerNews - YCombinator technology-focused news forum.

ProgressForum - A place for long-form discussion of progress studies and the philosophy of progress. Founded by Jason Crawford, who founded Roots of Progress - a nonprofit dedicated to establishing a new philosophy of progress for the 21st century.

New Science - A 501c3 research nonprofit with the mission to facilitate scientific breakthroughs by empowering the next generation of scientists and building the 21st century institutions of basic science. Founded by Alexey Guzey who blogs on metascience, biology, philanthropy with Twitter digest.

Astera Institute - We empower visionary, high-leverage science and technology projects with the capacity to create transformative progress for human civilization.

UltraRare - A podcast at the intersection of science and web3.

PARPA - We’re riffing on the DARPA model to design, fund, and coordinate ambitious research programs that shift the impossible to the inevitable.

FRO - Adam Marblestone, Sam Rodrigues. FROs would be independent from existing universities or labs, focused on a single basic science or technology problem, and organized similarly to a startup. Also: This Foresight Institute podcast on FROs & PARPAs.

The Progress Dashboard - Tony Morley. A visual overview of all things progress studies.

Roots of Progress Newsletter - Jason Crawford. Regular updates on news, opportunities and events in the progress studies community.

How effective are prizes at spurring innovation? - Rethink Priorities. Reviews the effectiveness of prizes to drive progress and finds recognition prizes more effective than inducement prizes. 

Founder-led Bio Ecosystem - PetriBio. Overview of various biotechnology-focused organizations, companies, and efforts.

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