Institute for Competitive Governance

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Institute for Competitive Governance

A non-profit institution studying special jurisdictions across the world. 

The Institute for Competitive Governance (ICG) wants to show the world a better way to better government.  How?  By encouraging the research and development of relatively small but deeply innovative special jurisdictions.  This sort of structural reform can put the power of private competition to work at finding new solutions to oldest problems of public life. 

As the world has grown increasingly complex and interconnected, governments’ reform efforts have fallen behind the pace of change. Special jurisdictions, defined as areas exempt from one or more national laws, offer a tool by which countries can test new laws, implement international best practices, and ensure competitiveness for the 21st century.

Competition between special jurisdictions embodies the best aspects of market competition, ensuring that successful practices are rapidly adopted. China lifted 700 million people out of poverty in a large part due to the rapid expansion of special economic zones inspired by Hong Kong. Their success, among others, has opened new vistas for improving governing services with narrow but deep reforms.

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