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Longevity FAQ - Nintil. Covers major longevity concepts and misconceptions.

Fight Aging FAQ - Reason. Covers major longevity concepts and misconceptions.

Longevity FAQ - Laura Deming. Covers main longevity concepts and misconceptions.

Longevity Technology - Aaron King. An overview of the state of the art and major challenges in longevity.

How to Cure Aging, What Are You Doing With Your Life? - Kurzgesagt. Explainer videos on aging.

Your Life in Weeks, You’re at the tail end of your life - Tim Urban. Post that breaks down a human life into weeks, and breaks down time remaining into chunks of experiences to be had. 

Transhumanism and Healthy Life Extension, The Million Year Lifespan - Reason. On ambitious plans for human health extension.

It Is Time To Classify Biological Aging as a Disease - NCBI. On the benefits of classifying aging as a disease, especially for FDA approval of aging drugs.

A Systematized Roadmap for the Longevity Industry - Biogerontology Research Foundation.

Biotech & Healthextension Focus - Foresight Institute. Recordings and seminar summaries of monthly seminars on longevity research, companies, funding.

A Reimagined Research Strategy for Aging - SENS. Dated but still considered a good overview of main aging areas to solve. 

How to Start a Biotech Company in the Longevity Industry - Reason. Practical advice for entrepreneurs in the longevity space. 

A Nuanced Opposition to the FDA - Reason. Why the current FDA drug approval process is a major roadblock on advancing longevity progress.

100 Plus - How The Coming Age of Longevity will change everything - Sonia Arrison. Thematic overview of how major areas in our lives will be changed with increased healthspans.

AI in Life-Extension: From Deep Learning to Superintelligence - Mikhail Batin et al. From near-term benefits of AI for longevity to potential futuristic implications of AI for longevity.

Michael Lustgarten, BluePrint, SlowMyAge, - Personal longevity tracking and improvement blogs. - Website. Overview of the longevity field. - Website. Explainers, news, roadmaps, and other resources.

Creon’s Life Extension References - Creon Levit. Link list on life extension and diet.

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