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Age of Em, Is Forgotten Party Death? - Robin Hanson. On the economics of a world populated by human-brain emulations.

What Brain Computer Interfaces Could Mean for the Future of Work - Alexandre Gonfalonieri. A business-focused outlook of the potential of BCIs.

BestHope - Future Strategist. BCI-focused podcast episode.

Permutation City - Greg Egan. On long-term dynamics in a human upload-defined future.

Fun Theory - Eliezer Yudkowsky. On why a future defined by advanced neurotechnology does not have to be boring.

The Ultimate Interface: Your Brain - Ramez Naam. On the promises of brain machine interfaces. 

Embodiment in Whole Brain Emulation and it’s Implications for Death Anxiety - Charl Linssen, Pieter Lemmens. Explores implications of WBEs for overcoming existential angst.

Whole Brain Emulation as Platform for AGI Safety - Anna Salamon, Carl Schulman. Focuses on AI safety implications of WBEs.

Neurotech Tree - Foresight Institute. Technology tree toward BCIs.

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