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TheNeurotech - Website. An overview of the neurotechnology domain. 

Neurotech Group - Foresight Institute. Application-based seminar group with recordings published on Youtube.

Lessons - Website. A step-by-step guide into BCIs.

BCI community - Website. Link list for BCI explainers and labs.

Mind-uploading - Kurzgesagt. Explainer video on mind-uploading.

Roadmap to WBE - Anders Sandberg, Nick Bostrom. Oldie but goldie on steps required toward Whole Brain Emulation. 

Whole Brain Emulation - LessWrong. A primer on Whole Brain Emulations. - FAQ and articles on mind-uploading.

Digital People FAQ - Holden Karnofsky. An FAQ that includes societal questions. 

Neuralink: The Brain’s Magical Future - Tim Urban. An overview of Neuralink’s likely plans for Brain Computer Interfaces.

Challenges for Brain Emulation- Alice Parker, Rick Cattell. Focuses on the technical challenges for building brain emulations.

A Taxonomy and Metaphysics of Mind-Uploading - Keith Wiley. Detailed book on the foundations for mind-uploading with multiple helpful illustrations.

Mind-Uploading - A Philosophical Analysis - David Chalmers. A philosophical exploration of questions regarding the consciousness of mind-uploads.

Intelligence: Human, AI, Hybrids - Randal Koene, David Eagleman, Robert McIntyre, Nell Watson. Foresight Vision Weekend panel on potential future mind architectures.

Coalescing Minds: Group mind-related Uploading Scenarios- Kaj Sotjala. On the possibility of group minds emerging from WBEs.

From Brain Preservation to Reconstruction - Carboncopies’ workshop videos.

Engineering Serendipity: Solving Scientific Problems in the 21st Century - Ed Boyden. Near-term progress in neurotechnology and mapping the brain.

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