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Ethics of Brain Emulations, Is Brain Emulation Dangerous? - Anders Sandberg, Peter Eckersley. Discusses ethical challenges around WBEs.

Criticisms of WBE - David Matthewman. Discusses risks associated with WBEs. 

Could we Use Untrustworthy WBE’s to Make Trustworthy Ones? - Carl Schulman. Focuses on safety and security considerations of WBEs.

A New X-Risk Factor: Brain Computer Interfaces - Jack. On potentially catastrophic implications of BCIs regarding totalitarianism and information security.

Sharing the World With Digital Minds - Nick Bostrom, Carl Schulman. On how current human intuitions are insufficient for living in a world with digital minds.

Cognitive Enhancement: Methods, Ethics, Regulatory Challenges - Anders Sandberg, Nick Bostrom. A primer on the main societal challenges around cognitive enhancement.

Cause Area: Differential Neurotechnology Development - EA Forum. Argues that neurotechnology is significantly undervalued as EA cause area given its potential implications and opportunities for differential technology development.

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