Prototyping New Architectures: Novel Governance Structures

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Network State - Balaji Srinivasan. Also as Foresight Institute podcast. On how to create a city in the clouds with physical embassies. More: 1729

The Sovereign Individual - James Davidson, Lord William Rees-Mogg. On the chances of individual prosperity in the face of technological changes. 

Ideal Governance (for Companies, Countries and More) - Holden Karnofsky. Principles and considerations for experimenting with novel governance mechanisms.

The Melancholy of Subculture Society - Gwern. Explores the ideal size of human communities, how cities affect those, and how internet subcultures enable new opportunities to build beneficial relationships.

Archipelago & Atomic Communitarianism - Scott Alexander. A fictional vision of society defined as an archipelago of value-aligned communities coexisting peacefully.

Open Borders - Bryan Caplan. On how opening all borders could eliminate absolute poverty and benefit our worldwide economy.

Your Next Government? - Tom W. Bell. Introduces the concept of stateless nations, and how legal innovations can get us there.

New Sovereignties | Tom Bell, David Ernst, Eduardo Beltrane, Charter Cities | Patri Friedman - Foresight Institute. Discussion and demo of new sovereignty projects.

Charter Cities Institute - A non-profit institute dedicated to creating the ecosystem for charter cities. 

Institute for Competitive Governance - A non-profit institution studying special jurisdictions across the world. 

Seasteading Institute - Empowers people to build floating startup societies with innovative governance models. Based on the book Seasteading - Joe Quirk, Patri Friedman. Explores Seasteading concepts, projects, and future opportunities. 

Startup Societies - Studies and connects the industry of small experimental governments, or startup societies. Based on the manifesto Founding Startup Societies by Joseph McKinney, Mark Frazier.

Haight Street Commons - A network of not-for-profit co-ops and intentional communities in San Francisco.

RadicalxChange - Advancing pluralist social technologies for 21st century democracy.

MetaGov - We build standards and infrastructure for digital self-governance.

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