Technological Risk: Small Kills All

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The Precipice - Toby Ord. A comprehensive book on X-risks with a focus on technological risks, in particular from biotechnology and AGI. Also as a Foresight Institute podcast.

Managing Existential Risks from Emerging Technologies - Nick Becksted, Toby Ord. A primer on existential risks from technologies.

The Vulnerable World Hypothesis - Nick Bostrom. On why technological progress may allow a smaller number of people to harm a larger number of people, considering a global monitoring and enforcement regime as a solution.

Vulnerable World Hypothesis - Robin Hanson. Replies to Bostrom’s proposed solution that a global monitoring and enforcement regime may bring more problems than it solves, itself posing a potential X-risk.

The Fragile World Hypothesis - David Manheim. Proposes an inevitable technological fragility based on complex system decay.

Learn WMD - Website. A learning commons for Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Risk of Nuclear Weapons - Future of Life Institute. Intro post and link list on nuclear risks.

The Doomsday Machine - Daniel Ellsberg. On the risk of nuclear war and its historic mismanagement.

Homo Deus - Yuval Noah Harari. On the risks of emerging technologies altering long-evolved human characteristics and contexts.

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