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Computersecurity As The Future of Law - Mark Miller. 

Network State - Balaji Srinivasan.

What Do I Think About Network States? - Vitalik Buterin. Replies to Balaji’s book with a few suggestions for modifications around externalities and inclusivity.

Gaming the Future - Mark Miller, Christine Peterson, Allison Duettmann. On cryptocommerce’s potential to help humans cooperate and defend against existential risks.

Crypto Tools for Paretotopia - Juan Benet. On how economic growth and cryptography-tools can help advance civilization toward pareto preferred worlds.

Blockchain-based ML Market Places - Fred Ehrsam. On how crypto market places filled by ML and opt-in privacy can create decentralized alternatives to top down AIs.

AI DAOs and Three Paths to get There - Trent McConaghy. Also: Nature 2.0. Combines and extends AI and blockchain into a symbiosis of biology and machine, for a future of abundance.

Impact DAOs - Kevin Owocki, Alejandra Borda. Book mapping out ImpactDAOs in the web3 space.

DeSci - Vincent Weisser. Explainer on Decentralized Science with link list.

DeSci: Tech Trees to Fund Ambitious Science & Tech - Allison Duettmann. On decentralized technology trees to find and fund undervalued scientific areas to advance crucial scientific domains.

Radical Markets - Eric Posner, Glen Weyl. Also: Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul - Glen Weyl, Puja Olhaver, Vitalik Buterin.On how quadratic funding, soul-bound tokens, and other crypto-innovations can reinvent much of our existing economy in crypto and enables the creation of entirely novel institutions. 

Endgame - Vitalik Buterin. On making large blockchains trustless and censorship resistant.

Why Cryptoeconomics and X-Risk Researchers Should Listen to Each Other More - Vitalik Buterin. On fruitful intersections between Crypto and X-risks.

Crypto-Economic Approaches to X-risks - Allison Duettmann. Talk on various X-risks and which crypto tools could be useful in addressing them.

A View of the Future of Our Data - Matt Prewitt. On how data coalitions can help provide humans with self-sovereign data ownership.

SeL4: Formal Proofs of Real-World Cybersecurity | Gernot Heiser - Foresight Institute. On the SeL4 microkernel as a promising component of a viable computer security approach.

Dominant Assurance Contracts | Alex Tabarrok, Tools for Openness | Audrey Tang, Zero-knowledge Cooperation | Zooko,  Cryptocommerce Tree, Crypto, Computing & AI Tree, Split Contracts - Foresight Institute. Seminar recordings on novel cryptographic tools to experiment with solutions for cooperation challenges across individuals or collective action problems.

How the Extropians Quest for Digital Cash Secured our Trips to the Stars - Aaron van Wirdum. Article on how extropians were crucial in advancing early crypto, space, and other futurist developments.

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