Uncovering a Long History: Our Story

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The Story of Us, Putting Time into Perspective  - Tim Urban. A series of blog posts interpreting human history, and a post on the effects of our subjective understanding of time.

A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson. “Not one of your pertinent ancestors was squashed, devoured, drowned, starved, stranded, stuck fast, untimely wounded, or otherwise deflected from its life's quest of delivering a tiny charge of genetic material to the right partner at the right moment in order to perpetuate the only possible sequence of hereditary combinations that could result -- eventually, astoundingly, and all too briefly -- in you.”

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Yuval Noah Harari. A detailed account of human evolution and more recent economic and technological developments.

The Fall of Civilizations - Podcast. Each episode focuses on one civilization at a time, exploring its history from its beginning to its end.

The History of Our World in 18 Minutes - David Christian. A visual TED talk summarizing our long-term history.

The Vital Question - Nick Lane. Explores crucial dynamics that shaped our evolution.

What Happened Before History?, How Evolution Works, Time - Kurzgesagt. Illustrative explainer videos on human origins.

A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking. A physics-focused history of time.

Asimov’s Chronology of the World - Isaac Asimov. A dated but well-written account of our long-term history.

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